Over and Under the Snow Kate Messner


Published: 2011


44 pages


Over and Under the Snow  by  Kate Messner

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner
2011 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 44 pages | ISBN: | 5.35 Mb

Over the snow, the fire crackles, and sparks shoot up to the stars. I lick sticky marshmallow from my lips and lean back with heavy eyes. Shadows dance in the flames.A girl is skiing in the woods with her parents, and she notices animal life and sometimes discusses it with her father.This was really good, I was surprised. For a book about subnivean life, it is surprisingly cute and interesting.The illustrations are great - I especially like the animals. The cute fat rabbit, cute fat little mice, voles, and shrews, the realistic fox - all cool.The humans are drawn a bit worse than the animals, but okay.This is the great kind of book where kids are learning stuff but its not obvious.

If you WANT to be more obvious, there are some sections in the back. The Authors Note explains about how subnivean zones work.Then Messner offers you an index of all the animals mentioned in the book (12 TWELVE, thats a lot!) and gives you a little explanation of what they do in winter. For example:Red foxes often eat small mammals like mice, voles, and shrews, but finding these animals can be challenging in winter. The red fox has an excellent sense of hearing, though, and will actually listen for the sounds of animals like mice under the snow.

When a fox hears a mouse, it will pounce, often with all four feet on one spot, to collapse the snow and trap the mouse underneath. Then it will dig until it finds its dinner.She even suggests further reading, listing books and websites you can visit with your child to learn more.But if you think your child will be bored by all this obviously school stuff at the end, you can just end the book when the story ends!Tl-dr - Surprisingly fun, educational, and beautiful.Ages 4-6.Available in Russian but not in Spanish.

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